Pirates and Pinnace's

Episode 3 - On the Trail of Terrorists
Year 1106, Days 11-19


Spent a week on C-class space-station Astral Maiden.

Sold radioactive stuff to Hazel.

Bought three grav-cycles, a few grav-belts, and made ship repairs (airlock). The crew also press-ganged a couple Genem researchers: Micah (engineer) & Thomas (scientist).

Chasing down the Chalq Damon (terrorist org) whose last confirmed location is supposedly Shadowsand, a planet known for its Eka-Metal mining.

Genem research facility to investigate (Thieves World 00-15) – crew of scientists were basically paid to resign – why?

Jump-logs revealed a jump-1 ship that came from Shadowsand.

Discovered the station, planetoid atmo is vacuum. We discovered the space station powered down, and a crash site nearby.

Encountered a Protectorate security force who engaged us, they we’re shortly reinforced and outnumbered us. The Protectorate was transporting a shielded item, presumably some Ancient technology.

After a desperate scramble, Blayne & Innis made their way into the Ancient ruins while Jolene picked off ground troops and Mannix pelted the enemy forces with missiles from orbit.

Apparently, Genem discovered Ancient technology that is an order of magnitude beyond the Imperium’s best tech. It seems that the technology is some sort of gravity intensifier that could be used to suppress jump tech, among other things – first we’ve got to get it out of that damn egg.

After much ado, the crew agreed on heading back to Freedonia. Plan is to employ the Genem researchers, augment the ship, and search for the greatest minds in the galaxy in hopes of maximizing its potential – and founding a new Imperium!

Upon return to Freedonia, we found that the space station had crashed into the planet. It seems that although we saved the Freedonian station once, we only delayed its demise. Approx 50,000 people were killed (10% of the stations population). Turns out that a ship crashed into one of the stations gravity drives.

Episode ends with the crew arriving in the Freedonia system, flooded by terrible news, and headed planet-side…


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